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As COVID-19 spread rapidly across the world, cleaners around the globe united.

Our entire team have worked incredibly hard over the past year, going above and beyond for our clients every minute of every day. I want to recognise and reward their incredible grit and determination.

That’s why we are launching the inaugural TOP OF THE MOPS awards.

Taking place on 27th April (TBC), these work awards will be a celebration of team members who have sparkled over the past year. Those who have not only delivered fantastic results for our clients, but those who have been tirelessly keeping the cogs ticking behind the scenes too.

Of course, I wish I could give all 250 colleagues an award as every single person in the team has stepped up and made the past year a success. I am incredibly proud of the team I have around me and I am incredibly grateful to have each and every one of you on this journey with me.




All of Mrs Buckét’s employees can enter into these awards, as can any of Mrs Buckét’s current clients! Scroll down to see the award categories below and nominate one or more colleague(s) or employee(s) who you think has excelled over the past year.

Employees will be nominated by either their clients or by other members of the team. If you are a Mrs Buckét employee and would like to nominate someone from your team, please do so under the relevant category below.

Nominations must be completed by 7th April

These will be chosen by an internal judging panel.

Please email our customer service manager on, we’ll be happy to help!


Reflecting our values

The winner(s) of these awards will be chosen from client and colleague nominations by an internal judging panel.

For these 5 colleague recognition awards, we will be acknowledging a person, or people, who encapsulate each of these values day in, day out.

At Mrs Buckét, we live by the following five values:

1. Passion

They are truly impassioned about their role, the people they work with and their clients. They love what they do and have buckets of enthusiasm.

2. Industry expert

Leading industry expert(s). They are always on hand to share their expertise with clients and colleagues to go above and beyond. They have spotless knowledge of all the latest news and trends for the industry and are always on hand to answer questions.

3. Reliability

They are consistently punctual, and their standard of work is incredibly polished. They are extremely trustworthy and can always be depended on by both clients and colleagues.

4. People-focused

People-focused. They are always putting others first, ensuring that a culture of safety, happiness and wellbeing for both clients and colleagues is their core focus.

5. High standards

High standards. They are always organised, productive and forward-thinking; they consistently go above and beyond for their clients and the team around them, they are a complete joy to work with.


Employee Service

The following employee service awards are an assortment of nominations with potential winners across the whole of the Mrs Buckét team.

1. Customer service hero(es) – Nominated by Clients & Colleagues They consistently give a 5-star service to their clients. No job is too big, and they are on hand to mop up any problem. They work incredibly hard and we receive consistent feedback from clients about how much of an asset they are to the Mrs Buckét team. The winner(s) of this award will be chosen from client and colleague nominations by an internal judging panel.

2. Newcomer of the year – Nominated by Clients & Colleagues This person joined us in 2020. This was possibly the strangest, and hardest time to be enrolled into a new career but, they have really scrubbed up and have excelled in their role so far. The winner of this award will be chosen from client and colleague nominations by an internal judging panel.

3. Long service superstar award. This person has been with Mrs Buckét for 5+ years, they have shown incredible loyalty to the business and have been a sparkling, long-serving member of the team. The winner of this award will be chosen by an internal judging panel.


Best Cleaned – Chosen by An Internal Judging Panel

These cleaning awards will recognise those who have gone above and beyond for their clients when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene standards.

Completing an independent audit, a member of our senior team will be looking for spotless premises, ecstatic clients and hard-working employees.

The categories:

  1. Best cleaned premises – Manufacturing/Logistics
  2. Best cleaned premises – Offices
  3. Best cleaned premises – Car Dealership
  4. Best cleaned premises – Clinical
  5. Best cleaned premises – Public Sector
  6. Best cleaned premises – Communal
  7. Best Loo of the Year

The winner of these awards will be chosen from audit and customer service results by an internal judging panel.