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Yvette Wilkins - Operations Director - Mrs Bucket

Yvette Wilkins

Operations Director

Yvette Wilkins is responsible for overseeing and managing our operations as Operations Director.

Yvette has previous experience of working in the corporate and public sectors and with businesses of all sizes.  She understands the importance of developing relationships with customers and colleagues with good communication being key. Yvette supports the operations division and has a helicopter view of the business in order to improve service delivery to both customers and colleagues.

Working with the team and customers gives Yvette the passion and pride to improve daily and the will to get up to go to work. Yvette’s role also includes making sure Mrs Buckét delivers a consistent service and adds value to the customer.

Everyone is friendly and supportive. Also, there are new challenges every day – no two days are the same.

Outside of work, you’ll find Yvette riding her motorbike or exploring a new location in her Audi TT.

While working at Mrs Buckét, I have been promoted and have had the opportunity to be involved in making decisions that have a positive impact on the company.