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Michael Court - Head of Finance - Mrs Bucket

Michael Court

Finance Manager

Michael Court oversees our finance department and analyses company performance to support the wider team’s decision-making, objectives, and strategy.

As Finance Manager, Michael manages our finances and supports the rest of the finance team in their roles. In addition, Michael is responsible for our accounting reports, budget preparation, and cash and profitability forecasting, as well as KPI performance analysis. Michael also gives the senior team the information they need to move forward. Michael’s analysis of the cash flow and forecasting helps our team to make strategic decisions on our future and position as a leader in commercial cleaning services.

Michael plays an integral part in helping our clients to succeed. Michael reviews our clients’ KPIs to ensure we are delivering quality commercial cleaning services that meet their objectives. By keeping a close eye on our deliverables, we can reassure our clients that we’re focused on keeping their customers and colleagues safe in the workplace, giving them time to focus on their business operations.

We are given a level of trust and responsibility at Mrs Buckét that you wouldn’t get anywhere else.

Outside of work, you’ll find Michael going on long walks, exploring the outdoors. Michael is a member of a running group too.

Mrs Buckét is always moving forward. It’s great to be able to play a part in the progression of the company.