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Showroom & dealership cleaning

Our commercial cleaning team has the skills and expertise in auto dealership cleaning to support your car showroom success and help you to make a good impression.

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We provide high-quality commercial cleaning, hygiene and facilities services with people who value a clean environment at a tailored price. Our excellent cleaning and customer services give organisations in a range of sectors a platform to impress and the power to grow their business with happier, healthier teams.

Showroom and Dealership Cleaning

Is the cleanliness of your car showroom or dealership compromising your sales?

Showrooms are more than just selling cars – it’s about selling a vision, and our team can contribute to your buyer’s experience.

At Mrs Buckét, we understand the impact a clean, sparkling showroom can have on your sales and reviews. We have the skills and expertise in auto dealership cleaning to get you the star-rating and the sales you deserve.

We support your team’s productivity and success by creating a memorable and welcoming first impression that customers will want to write home about.

Why do you need showroom cleaning services?

When your customers walk through the door, it’s not only the cars that they see.

Your showroom and dealership floors need to be flawless, desks uncluttered, windows gleaming and your toilets sparkling.

At Mrs Buckét, we help you to raise the standards and increase your sales. We know the best processes, products and equipment, and have the skills to ensure your floors are maintained and tyre marks never become an issue.

We pay attention to the entrances and will advise you on how to keep high traffic areas clean at all times, as well as provide regular cleaning audits and supervision to ensure standards never slip.

Our showroom cleaning services

We offer the following showroom cleaning services and facilities to our clients in the auto sector:

We understand that your budget and needs might not require all of our showroom cleaning services, which is why we offer a flexible approach. We’ll work with you to design a bespoke auto dealership cleaning services package and deliver a reliable, high-quality service that suits your hours.

Why you should choose us to manage your auto dealership cleaning

We make you look good

We understand that you need the ‘wow factor’. Armed with the experience and right tools, we help you to create the best first impression and a slick showroom that you will be proud to show off to your customers.

We put health and safety first

Our commercial showroom cleaning services help to improve working conditions and hygiene, meaning your staff can work safely and effectively.

We have the knowledge and experience

As thought leaders in cleaning, hygiene and decontamination services, we’re able to provide guidance and support to help maintain high standards of hygiene and cleanliness in your workplace.

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