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Professional office cleaning

We’re committed to providing reliable, professional business and office cleaning services to a high standard. Find out more about our office cleaning.

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We provide high-quality commercial office cleaning, hygiene and facilities services with people who value a clean environment at a tailored price. Our excellent office cleaning and customer services give organisations in a range of sectors a platform to impress and the power to grow their business with happier, healthier teams.

Professional Office Cleaning Services

When was the last time you had your carpet cleaned? When was the last time your staff kitchen had a deep clean? A poor office environment can give potential employees a poor first impression of your company, but we have the power to change that.

At Mrs Buckét, we understand that first impressions count, which is why we provide high quality commercial office cleaning services at a tailored price in the UK. As we service the South of Wales and West of England, whether you are looking for office cleaning in Bristol, office cleaning in Cardiff or office cleaning in Swansea, we can help.

Armed with the right tools and people, we deliver the ‘wow factor’ and a clean office or premises that not only makes you look good, but keeps your staff happy and healthy at work too.

Why you should trust our professional office cleaning services

We have high standards. Each and every one of our team members have been trained through our Cleaning Academy to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to leave your office gleaming.

Most importantly, you can rely on us. We show up on time when you want us to deliver our business and office cleaning services. We have procedures in place to ensure that we are consistently good.

The benefits of our business and office cleaning services

We provide a bespoke office cleaning package

We don’t standardise our business and office cleaning services. At Mrs Buckét, we understand that all offices and businesses are different, which is why we provide a tailored package that’s bespoke to you. Our reputable customer service team will take the time to understand your need and design a cleaning plan that suits your office.

We reduce your sickness rates

We know too well the damaging affect an unclean office and poor hygiene have on a business. Having a team rota to encourage your staff to clean just doesn’t cut the mustard.

We have the knowledge and the equipment to keep your staff safe. We offer disinfection and decontamination services to help reduce the risk of contamination and the risk of viruses spreading.

A lack of consumables can also impact staff retention, which is why we also ensure that your office is regularly replenished with washable and disinfectant consumables so your staff don’t need to worry.

We increase your productivity

We’re advocates that a ‘clean space equals a clear mind’.

You can trust us to provide high standard, professional office cleaning time and time again, leaving you and your staff with the time to focus and meet your targets and objectives.

Our commercial office cleaning service also comes with a complimentary monthly cleaning audit to ensure standards always remain high.

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