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Our expertise in commercial cleaning extends to a broad range of businesses and organisations in both public and private sectors. We offer professional commercial cleaning services including industrial cleaners such as factory cleaning along with office and school cleaning services. Find out more.

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Sectors We Cover

As a thought leader in providing commercial cleaning services and facilities, we’ve made our mark in a number of sectors. We have contracts with thousands of businesses and organisations in both public and private sectors across the UK, including commercial, manufacturing, education and healthcare.

We enable businesses to thrive in their industry sectors

Our wealth of experience in providing cleaning support to different sectors means that we understand the unique challenges each sector faces, and have the tools and skills to support them efficiently and effectively so they overcome them.

We invest in our people and technology so that they’re well versed to meet your sector’s expectations. Whether that’s maintaining a high level of hygiene in schools and medical centres, or making a great first impression in your office or car showroom, we have the power to make an impact.

Take a look at just some of the sectors our commercial cleaning team is committed to.

Manufacturing and factory cleaning

Safeguarding your employees is of upmost important in a factory or manufacturing site. Our experience and knowledge in this sector mean we deliver commercial cleaning services and facilities with maximum impact. We’re and compliant and efficient without causing disruption to the quality of your production.

Explore manufacturing & factory cleaning services

Public sector cleaning

Businesses and organisations in the public sector are faced with the challenge of maintaining high standards on a shoestring budget. Our tailored cleaning schedules are based on your requirements, suit your budget, and don’t compromise on standards.

Explore our public sector cleaning services

Call centre cleaning

With a large footfall and the rotation of staff, call centres demand a clean, hygienic environment. Our team is equipped with the right tools and expertise to ensure a high level of hygiene is maintained to support a happy and healthy work environment.

Explore our call centre cleaning services

Office cleaning

First impressions count, but keeping staff safe is just as important. Our broad range of commercial cleaning services and facilities, including consumable replenishment and disinfection control, help to reduce staff sickness rate and improve productivity. Our cleaning and facilities services extend to businesses in property management, legal & professional, and charities too.

Explore our professional office cleaning services

Car showroom and dealership cleaning

We give our showroom and dealership clients the platform to impress. Ensuring your white floors remain spotless without tyre marks and your entrance area is inviting is just the top layer. We go beneath the surface by implementing tried and tested processes and carrying out cleaning audits to ensure high standards are maintained from the minute you open to the time you close.

Explore showroom & dealership cleaning services

Education cleaning

The perception of your education facility, as well as the welfare of students and teachers, is everything. Our team helps you to exceed expectations by providing professional and reliable cleaning services and facilities tailored to your budget and requirements. All of our employees have to have the appropriate accreditations to be able to work in educational environments.

Explore our professional school cleaning services

Healthcare cleaning

The safety of patients, staff and visitors is your number one priority. We deliver exceptional commercial cleaning services and facilities 24/7 by using the latest technology and disinfection chemicals, so that we work efficiently and effectively to help keep everyone safe.

Explore hygienic healthcare cleaning services

Tailored cleaning schedules

We also know that no two organisations are the same, which is why we offer a bespoke approach when it comes to offering our commercial cleaning services and tailor our plan to your needs.

Create a tailored cleaning schedule to suit you
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