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Carpet commercial cleaning services

As part of our cleaning and facilities management services, we provide a commercial carpet cleaning to organisations in the UK. Enquire now.

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We provide high-quality commercial cleaning, hygiene and facilities services with people who value a clean environment at a tailored price. Our excellent cleaning and customer services give organisations in a range of sectors a platform to impress and the power to grow their business with happier, healthier teams.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

When was the last time you cleaned your carpets? While hoovering will remove the top layer of dirt, it won’t get rid of the bacteria and mould that has built up in between the fibres.

At Mrs Buckét, we’re commercial carpet cleaning experts. Our commercial carpet cleaners go beneath the surface to remove all traces of dirt and bacteria, leaving your carpets smelling, and looking, fresh and clean.

As part of our commercial carpet cleaning service, we provide the following to businesses and organisations in both public and private sectors:

  • Bacteria and mould removal
  • Odour removal
  • Stain removal
  • Removal of carpet moths, flees, etc
  • Upholstery cleaning.
Carpet cleaning

Why you should hire a commercial carpet cleaner

There are several benefits to having your carpets professionally cleaned. By getting your carpets professionally cleaned, not only do you increase the longevity of your floors, but you also support a healthier environment for your staff and customers.

Our professional commercial cleaners use the best cleaning products and equipment to extract all traces of dirt and mould without leaving the residue that some cleaning solutions leave behind.

It’s hygienic

There are lots of health benefits from getting your carpets cleaned. Dust mites and bacteria get trapped inside the fibres and can cause respiratory problems. Getting your carpets professionally cleaned will help maintain a good level of hygiene in your premises and ensure your staff and customers are safe in your hands.

We make you look good

We invest in state-of-the-art technology so we can help you to create the best first impression. We use specific commercial carpet cleaning techniques, such as hot water stains extraction and steam, and bonnet buffing, to ensure we extract all the dirt from your carpets and leave them looking brand new again.

Book our commercial carpet cleaner

Our carpet cleaning service is available for clients who have a commercial contract with us. As part of your commercial contract, we offer one-off carpet cleaning appointment, or a pre-planned maintenance programme.


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