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January is often a busy period with employees settling back into work after the Christmas holidays. It’s also an important time to make business plans and strategies for the year ahead.

Therefore, the last thing any business owner wants is staff to become ill with a contagious bug. And, with it now being the season for colds and flus, business owners need to do all that they can to minimise any unnecessary absenteeism.

We’ve composed a few simple tips to ensure your office is as germ-free as possible. If you’ve already got an office cleaning company in Cardiff looking after your office, make sure they pay particular attention to these areas.

Clean handles

Door handles are one of the main places where germs like to hide. Think about it, how many people use the front door every day? Imagine if they’ve just been holding a tissue full of germs and then use the same hand to open the door. Germs will instantly transfer to the handle and can live for several hours. To avoid the spreading of germs, make sure you wipe door handles with antibacterial wipes/liquids several times a day. Any commercial cleaner in Cardiff should, however, take care of these areas, so bring it to their attention if you think they’re missing certain areas.

Also, don’t forget that it’s not just door handles but handles on objects such as fridges, dishwashers and kettles that also harbour germs. If you have a communal kitchen, as most businesses do, you should clean those well used products as often as possible to avoid any germs being spread. Also, wash your hands before you empty a dishwasher, as you don’t want to transfer any germs onto cups and plates, which people will later use.

Desk germs

If you have a big office, where staff constantly change desks, you will need to ensure that all objects on the desks are thoroughly cleaned every day. Telephones and keyboards are perfect hiding and breeding grounds for germs. An article by the Daily Mail also claimed that a computer mouse harbours three times as many germs as an average toilet seat, so if you’re one of those people who sits at their desk eating lunch, it may be worth thinking twice about that in the future. So wipe those keyboards and surrounding areas to avoid any nasty illnesses which you could spread to other unsuspecting co-workers.

Clean hands

It sounds obvious, but making sure there is a constant supply of soap in toilets could minimise the risk of sickness. Also, whilst you’d hope everyone does this, make sure you remind staff with notices in toilets to wash their hands. We all know there are a few guilty culprits out there and these are germs which could easily be avoided if people ensure they wash their hands thoroughly.

Furthermore, make sure employees have hand sanitiser readily available, either at their desks, or near places with door handles. Hand sanitiser is a simple and cost effective way of destroying germs before they can spread elsewhere. Most commercial cleaners in Cardiff will be able to give advice on what products you should buy. So make sure you invest in some bottles now. You’ll be thankful in the long run.

You can never completely escape germs and it’s important to remember that most everyday germs are not harmful to you. But, by following these tips, you should significantly reduce the number of illnesses within your workforce and minimise absenteeism.

Mrs Bucket is a domestic and commercial cleaning company set up by award-winning entrepreneur Rachael Flanagan in 2005. It has offices in Swansea, Cardiff and Newport.

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