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Office search engine FreeOfficeFinder has recently published a feature celebrating 50 of the UK’s most inspirational female entrepreneurs. The feature includes well known figures in business such as Karren Brady, Michelle Mone, Deborah Meaden and more. We are pleased to announce that Mrs Bucket’s Rachael Flanaghan is also included on the list. Here, FreeOfficeFinder managing director Nick Riesel explains the reasons behind the feature.

“We work with businesses on a daily basis, and we’ve noticed an increase in businesses that are founded and ran by women. To celebrate this, we decided to write a feature about some of the UK’s best females in business. Although the feature took quite a long time to put in the research and come up with 50 entrepreneurs, the process was very rewarding. It was really interesting to see how some people went from humble beginnings to becoming extremely successful in business, and every one of the 50 women in the feature had a different story.

More and more women are founding and running companies in the UK, which is something that is worthy of celebrating. We feel that writing about these entrepreneurs could give inspiration to other people aspiring to do well in business, both male and female.

We were especially inspired by Rachael because of how much she’s achieved at such a young age. The fact that she went against popular opinion and decided to start her own business instead of attending university shows that Rachael has always had great confidence in her own ability, and the fact that Mrs Bucket has grown to the size it is today is testament to a very hard working business woman. Her place in the list is well deserved and we wish Mrs Bucket all the success for the future.”