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Things are really looking up for Mrs Buckét!


We now have our very own Mrs Buckét helicopter! Due to our amazing growth as a business and needing a way to get straight to our clients as soon as possible, we are now literally reaching for the skies!

We know that getting to all of our commercial cleaning clients in a jiffy is a huge priority. Along with the sterling work of our rapid response road team, our helicopter can fly us from Swansea to Cardiff in 20 minutes, so we can guarantee to fix your cleaning emergency.

We’ve unveiled our brand-new helicopter today and we’ll be taking it out for its first test flight at midday.

Rachael Flanagan, Director and founder of Mrs Buckét was thrilled with her new mode of transport. “I am still in a bit of a whirlwind to be honest. It is so exciting to think that people in Cardiff, Swansea and Bristol will be able to see Mrs Buckét flying past!”

So, if you live between South Wales and the West look up and you may just see our Mrs Buckét rapid response team waving back at you from the skies!