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We’ve heard from many people who were surprised by just how much bacteria is found around the office, especially that every single object is dirtier than a toilet seat. Approximately 140 million work days are lost due to sickness costing UK businesses around £32 billion every year as well as huge losses in productivity. Has this impacted your business?
Imagine the unwashed hands of someone who is ill or who has just been to the bathroom, touching the door handles, their desk and phone and keyboard. Doesn’t it make you want to wash your hands now just thinking about it?! That’s why I’ve included a little something for you to use to reduce the risk.

With 80% of infectious diseases transmitted by touch, it’s no wonder that sickness spreads so easily in an office environment, especially one that has a bad cleaning regime. All this just goes to show how important it is to use a professional cleaning company. Is your cleaning company using different coloured cloths for different surfaces? If not, they should be; they should be segregating their cleaning to prevent cross-contamination and sickness NOT spreading it!

As part of our “Stay Clean & Stay Healthy” Campaign, we would like to offer you a FREE consultation on how we can help your company combat the impact that cross-contamination and sickness has on your business and improve your bottom line. Also, give us a call and we’ll give you a FREE Deep Sanitising Clean worth up to £500