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As a leading employer in the commercial cleaning industry, Mrs Buckét prides itself on its inclusivity and providing a positive work environment for its many proud LGBTQ+ staff members across the senior team and the wider workforce.

As Pride month draws to a close, Team Leader Kayleigh Forbes Cavill talks about her story and how Mrs Buckét has encouraged her to be her true self:  

“My name is Kay, and I identify as non-binary and queer. I am married to a cis woman, and we have two kids, a 17-year-old boy who identifies as pansexual and a 6-year-old boy who is currently undecided!

I have always known I was ‘different’, and others knew it too. I have faced discrimination for who I am from a young age, which has had a big impact on my self-esteem and mental health. As a teen I struggled massively with self-acceptance.

I will say that things have improved drastically, as I feel recognised as a person who is married with kids and all that entails, such as getting two Mother’s Day cards brought home from school. I haven’t received poor treatment in a long time, and I hope it stays that way. However, discrimination is still very real and affects thousands of people worldwide.

A key moment in my life was when finally, at age 25, it became legal for me to marry a person I loved. I finally had equal rights to a heterosexual couple. Rights to share a life, to be recognised and to have the same legal protections of a heterosexual couple who chose to settle down together. It may not sound very romantic, but these things matter! If I didn’t have those protections, I would not have chosen to have children and I wouldn’t have had the joy of raising my son. This law change gave me the chance to be ‘normal’ – something I grew up thinking I would never be.

As a team Leader for Mrs Bucket, I feel recognised for who I am, from my initial interview where I talked freely about my family to how I can talk about my personal life with pride to all my colleagues. I hope to encourage others within the company to also feel comfortable and safe to be themselves. Representation matters!

For anyone struggling with any issues around identity or sexuality there are several free to use services. You can contact them for help and advice for yourself or relating to someone else, such as your child. Below are a few examples but there any many more out there:

I also wanted to recognise some amazing people who have helped the LGBTQ+ cause over the years, from James Baldwin to Marsha P Johnson, so please click here to read about these incredible figures.”