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The adherence to a strict and thorough cleaning regime in your factory is crucial to ensure your workplace is safeguarded against common but serious everyday risks. It’s additionally vital that health and safety regulations are always followed in a workplace with many potential dangers. The cleaning and maintenance of the overall workplace and specialist machinery and the avoidance of fire risks can ensure these safety requirements are met. Here’s just some of the ways employing a commercial cleaning service can help prevent accidents occurring in your factory…

1. Prevents machinery related accidents

Consistent and thorough cleaning of machinery is crucial to maintaining a safe and efficient factory environment. Failing to clean machinery regularly can pose severe safety risks for your workers. The maintenance of machinery is additionally required under health and safety laws contained in the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations. Hiring an experienced commercial cleaning company to professionally clean machinery can help to prevent dangerous blockages and machine malfunction by dirt and debris. A build-up of these materials could dramatically impact on the safe running of factory machines. Serious and preventable workplace accidents could then potentially occur, including the trapping of limbs in moving parts. By deep cleaning machinery using a specialist service, your factory will run efficiently, with high safety standards and improved workplace productivity. Most importantly, your workers will be better protected from potentially fatal workplace accidents.

2. Reduces fire hazards

Severe fires are an everyday risk in factories operating a wide variety of specialised equipment and machinery. One of the easiest ways for fires to start and spread is through the poor maintenance of complex machinery used on the factory floor. The accumulation of dirt, grease and dust on factory machines can easily generate a flame, when combined with the heat generated by the machinery. This could consequently lead to a widespread factory fire. Therefore, it’s especially important to hire a commercial cleaning company you can trust to provide specialist machinery cleaning and prevent fires occurring. A build-up of factory discards can also be a serious fire hazard for your business. Everyday material objects including paper and cardboard are highly flammable if an initial fire breaks out. A simple careless action such as a poorly disposed cigarette on a pile of materials can lead to a fire spreading remarkably quickly on the factory floor. Commercial cleaning can therefore help to prevent this fire hazard by employing an experienced professional to maintain the high standards of waste disposal expected at your factory. A further fire hazard can be caused by unnoticed spillages of flammable liquids, commonly used in a factory environment. If these spillages are not cleaned up as a matter of urgency, these too could cause a chain of events leading to a serious factory fire. By employing a specialist cleaning company to implement and manage your factory cleaning strategy, you can remain focused on maintaining a safe and productive environment. Commercial cleaning is therefore a small but undoubtedly necessary expense, considering the property damage and potential injury risk caused by a factory fire.

3. Improves overall employee health and workplace safety 

In a factory environment, your employees are likely to be exposed to a variety of potent chemicals during the workday. Although your own safety measures will help to protect your valued employees from harm, a thorough cleaning service can support your high safety standards. Factory cleaning often requires the use of more complex chemicals than is necessary for office and general workplace cleaning. A reputable commercial cleaning company will only employ cleaners experienced in handling these cleaning chemicals and trained in operating specialist cleaning machinery. Overall, commercial cleaning ensures the health of your employees is a top priority. Their contact with workplace chemicals and the potential illness risks which could arise from this exposure is kept to a minimum. This results in happy, healthy employees and a clean and pleasant factory environment from which they can conduct their daily work.