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Could Your Cleaning Regime Be Causing Sickness

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Could Your Cleaning Regime Be Causing Sickness

Could Your Cleaning Regime Be Causing Sickness?

Your office environment may appear clean on the surface, but everyday objects and surfaces can harbour harmful bacteria which leads to illness amongst your employees. Take a look at your work desk, it’s likely to have 10 million bacteria on its surface right now (that’s 400x dirtier than a toilet seat!).

Sickness costs!

With so many different hands touching communal surfaces in an office, such as keyboards, phones, door handles, and light switches, infection is spread easily resulting in many staff members needing to take sick leave. This could be costing you more than you realise.

Did you know that:

• Approximately 140 million workdays are lost due to sickness, costing UK businesses around £32 billion every year as well as huge losses in productivity.

• The flu alone is responsible for 7.6 million working days lost each year in the UK, costing the British economy £1.35 billion.

• Employers lose approximately £570 per employee on average due to sickness absence.

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Every office needs a good clean

The most effective infection control measure is cleaning commonly handled surfaces daily, but only if done correctly!

Many cleaning companies tend to use the same cleaning cloth for every surface which actually helps to spread germs and results in sickness. Remember a desk is dirtier than a toilet seat? Imagine using the same cloth to then clean your keyboard!

Cross-contamination due to a bad cleaning regime can end up costing your business more than you realise, all this goes to show how important it is to use a professional cleaning company.
Mrs Buckét’s regime is squeaky clean. Just like our cleaning, our reputation is spotless.

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