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The damaging effects of certain air fresheners

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The damaging effects of certain air fresheners

Offices, warehouses and everywhere people work can get musty or smelly from time to time, especially with the amount of people bustling about day to day. Sometimes the easiest and quickest solutions is just a quick spritz of an air freshener, rather than thinking about a real solution.

According to a study by Anne Steinemann [], One-quarter of the ingredients in air fresheners are classified as toxic or hazardous. In a world that is rapidly becoming polluted, it’s scary to think how much damage could be done just by one can of air freshener!

Do we need to be worried about using air fresheners?

Although it’s been proven that chemicals are present in the air that contain chemicals that can be hazardous, it hasn’t been proven that average exposure (sporadic usage) will actually cause you harm. However, it’s important for people to consider the risk of air fresheners so you can make the best choice for your health, and that of your family as children’s lungs can’t filter out chemicals as effectively as adults.

Also, there has been studies into whether some particles in air fresheners can cause irritation of breather, headaches and even liver and kidney damage (with prolonged, above average usage).
At Mrs Bucket, we believe in stricter cleaning regimes and thorough airing out of rooms to deal with stubborn odours, rather than masking this with air fresheners.

How can I combat this?

Instead of getting out the air freshener, try keeping your office or working space well ventilated, open doors and windows where and when you can.

Place plants that absorb chemicals around your working space like spider plants and try painting rooms with paint that absorb odours and pollutants.

To replace your go-to air fresheners, try purchasing non-toxic air fresheners as well, essentially ones that don’t include formaldehyde for a start – investigate natural air fresheners, or air fresheners that don’t label themselves as “fragranced”.

Of course, small things like setting up cleaning rotas to make sure mugs aren’t being left out to go smelly and bins get collected regularly all help to stop smells occurring in the first place.

And finally, hiring a commercial cleaning will get to the root of the problem – effectively cleaning out desks, walls, windows, carpets etc. to stop build-up of mess and smells at the source. If
you want to know more about our commercial cleaning services, feel free to get in touch and we’d be happy to chat and give you a FREE commercial cleaning quote.