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Study Finds Poor Cleanliness In Retail Is Affecting The Customer Experience

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Study Finds Poor Cleanliness In Retail Is Affecting The Customer Experience

Many modern day retail brands are no longer just a place for consumers to buy things, they have become ‘shopping destinations’ and ‘ultimate shopping experiences’. Shops are becoming more and more high tech and savvy in their attempt to win customers over, and this is reflected in their online and offline brand presence.

If customers are happy with their experience in store, they leave satisfied and are highly likely to return in future. However, what if this is not the case for some customers?

A recent study conducted in the US found that 99% of customers would not return to a business if there was poor cleanliness and hygiene. 1,004 adults took part in the survey which revealed cleanliness would negatively affect their perception and experience of the retail store.

The study also found that unclean restrooms and unpleasant odours scored higher than customer service as the main reasons for preventing customers returning to the store; followed by dirty floors, spills, stains, unclean surfaces, dirty mirrors and windows.

Another study found that 52% of the participants would completely avoid a retail store if it looked dirty from the outside!

What Should Retail Businesses Do?

In order to improve the customer experience, retailers need to recognise that customers value cleanliness highly and should consider doing the following:

  1. Make cleaning & maintenance a high priority
  2. Work with a quality cleaning service that understands your brand values and operational objectives
  3. Carry out regular checks on facilities such as restrooms, restaurants and common customer areas such as till surfaces
  4. Actively monitor complaints and comments regarding cleanliness
  5. Regularly review the results and work with the cleaning provider to discuss any ares of concern and further develop strategies to improve them.

Supermarkets, department stores, shops and other retail businesses can improve their reputation and bottom line by meeting customers’ standards when it comes to cleaning.

In order to meet these standards, retailers should seriously consider outsourcing their cleaning provision to ensure it is carried out professionally to the highest standards possible.

Benefits of outsourcing:

  • Cleanliness is a important driver of customer retention
  • Working with an experienced cleaning service to drive change can lead to increased revenues
  • Outsourcing guarantees the responsibility of cleaning lies with the cleaning services and not with employees
  • Professional cleaning can help to maintain certain elements of the store
  • Cleaning specialists can introduce improved methods and techniques, which can save resources and reduce energy consumption
  • Added value for the retailer as costs are absorbed by the cleaning supplier

Are you busy managing the day-to-day tasks of your business and unable to meet high cleaning standards?

Can you risk losing customers due to poor cleanliness and hygiene? 

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