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Clean Workplace to Start Off Your Business Year

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Clean Workplace to Start Off Your Business Year

How to keep your workplace clean all year round

There’s a number of benefits to ensuring your workplace maintains a certain level of cleanliness at all times – from increasing productivity and boosting the physical and mental health of your staff, to being an integral part of your customer service when dealing with clients in house.

If you have been neglecting office cleaning, the start of the new year seems like a good time to set a checklist with tidying task for your employees and yourself to follow all through the year. Here are some universal things you’d want to make sure are included:

Organise paperwork and declutter desk space

The most obvious trick to keeping your office clean is making sure there is no glaring mess and clutter scattered around on desk – a huge difference can be made by simple things like filing away paperwork or storing it on desktop trays, then recycling it when it’s no longer needed, as well as taking used mugs and other utensils back to the kitchen at the end of the day to put in the dishwasher.

Disinfect restrooms

As high traffic areas, office toilets need to be cleaned every day to ensure employee and customer safety – proper hygiene standards would mean scrubbing the toilets, wiping the counters and mopping the floors every day after work hours to get rid of the bacteria which has built up through the day.

Keep electronics free of dust and dirt by cleaning them regularly, including phone

The best way to keep your electronics clean without damaging their functionality is wiping them with a soft rag moistened with a disinfectant, or using a duster to get into the spaces between keyboard keys etc. Make sure not to allow any excess moisture to get into your devices, as it might cause an array of troubles from malfunctions to short-circuiting the whole office.

Clean break room

Rooms at the workplace where food is cooked and consumed should also be cleaned daily – wiping the microwave after use and loading the dishwasher at the end of the day, to giving the counters a clean and emptying the food waste bins, are all good health and safety practices which also boost employee morale.

Create a rota

Make sure the cleaning tasks get done, and all co-workers feel like the distribution of chores is fair, by coming up with a rota of who is doing what each week and make sure it’s clearly visible – this would serve as additional motivation for staff to tick off their assigned task.

If you have tried keeping your office cleaning in house and fallen behind with the tasks, or you would prefer you employees didn’t have to do chores on top of their workload, you can get a commercial cleaning quote and have a commercial cleaner take care of your office hygiene for you!