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How To Choose The Right Cleaning Service For Your Business

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How To Choose The Right Cleaning Service For Your Business

How To Choose The Right Cleaning Service For Your Business

Deciding it’s time to take on a commercial cleaning service is considered a big step for any business, especially those that are small. Whilst you know your business will benefit from leaving the cleaning to the professionals, naturally there will be doubts in your mind too.

Many people ask themselves “can we really afford it”, “do we really need cleaners” , “can’t we just try and manage ourselves” – all valid questions that most business owners consider.

So when it comes to hiring a cleaning service, you need to make sure that you’re choosing the best one for your business.

Here’s 6 things to ask when considering different cleaning services…

1. How Experienced Are They? – Right Cleaning Service

Has the company worked in your type of premises/ business before? How experienced are they? Are they fully trained and qualified?

The Mrs Bucket cleaners are all trained in the cleaning academy.

2. Are They Recommended? -Right Cleaning Service

Who else uses them? Do they have a good reputation for doing a great job? What do other people say about them?

Mrs Bucket is award-winning and renowned throughout South Wales and Bristol.

3. Are The Cleaners Professional?

Can you rely on the cleaners remaining professional in your business. Are they trustworthy and safe to leave around your stock?

Mrs Bucket cleaners only work for them and are not agency cleaners. All cleaners are DBS/CRB checked (criminal checked) and insured to work in commercial premises. 

4. What Standard Of Cleaning Do They Follow?

Are they basic ‘cosmetic’ cleaners or do they deep clean, sanitise and disinfect to reduce and eliminate harmful germs? A quality clean will reduce sick days for employees and improve customer return visits.

Mrs Bucket cleaners meet or exceed all legal requirements for all commercial cleaning in line with the governments health and safety guidelines.

5. How Are Standards Maintained?

How can you ensure the cleaning service will continue to clean to a high standard? Who manages the cleaners?

Mrs Bucket managers perform regular cleaning audits and are a consistent contact person for the client. We also stay up to date with technology and cleaning methods.

6. When Will They Clean?

Will the cleaners work around my schedule and business operating times? How will I know when they’re really cleaning?

Mrs Bucket creates bespoke cleaning schedules for clients and GPS time keeping is used to monitor clocking in.

Are you busy managing the day-to-day tasks of your business and unable to meet high cleaning standards?

Get a FREE no obligation quote today and one of the Mrs Bucket team will be in touch to discuss how we can help…