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Recommended Commercial Cleaners in the South West

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Recommended Commercial Cleaners in the South West

It’s always nice to get positive feedback and here at Mrs Bucket, we pride ourselves on being highly recommended commercial cleaners in the South West.

Recently, one of our clients in Bridgend, took the time to send us a lovely email about how well one of our cleaners had done, and to nominate him as our ‘Star of the Month’ – a scheme we run to recognise the hard work and commitment of our staff.

The company initially contacted us in regards to an additional building clean, which would mean working extra hours.

The building is problematic, as it’s a high security unit with very limited access and, as such, doesn’t have a regular cleaning routine, other than basic works carried out by the clients’ own staff.

Inevitably, the unit gets grubby and was in need of a deep clean!

Our cleaner visited site prior to starting to familiarise himself with the building and task, and to assess what was required, organising materials and equipment in advance. When he went on the scheduled day, he was able to get straight to work, as everything had been pre-planned.

Our customer told us: “I oversee all contractors on site and usually drop by on a regular basis to see how they’re progressing and if there’s anything they need. Basically, I micro-manage.

“However, due to other commitments, this wasn’t possible and I found myself visiting just prior to him finishing each day.

“It was clearly evident that I needn’t have worried as he had carried on diligently and efficiently with everything we’d originally discussed and, using his own initiative, completed other unforeseen works. The unit is now at a level of cleanliness that I’ve not witnessed previously.

“You can see the sheen on the floor as soon as you walk up the stairs to the first floor level and appreciate the freshness in the air. You don’t realise the extent of the dust on high level surfaces such as beams and trunkings until they’ve been quite obviously cleaned.

“As well as noticing myself, it was also remarked on by the Clinical Site Leader here in Bridgend (the top person in the company in the UK & Ireland) during our walk through today.

“This will undoubtedly contribute favourably in our regular internal and external audits within our highly regulated environment and industry.”

We are thrilled to have received such a glowing endorsement and are especially proud of our cleaner, who did indeed receive the Star of the Month accolade!