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The Importance Of Professional Industrial Cleaners

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The Importance Of Professional Industrial Cleaners

Industrial Cleaners

As a business owner, you’ll know the importance of an efficient workplace and workforce.

Whilst many business owners focus heavily on the operational activities of the business, not many consider the cleanliness of their workplace as an important aspect of their business – but it should be.

Employers have the responsibility to maintain a duty of care to their employees and ensure they are kept safe at all times. One way to do this is to make sure the working environment is clean, sanitised and functional. This not only maximises productivity, but reduces time wasted on machinery maintenance and repairs.

Studies show that workers in a clean environment are more likely to take pride in their work, and a clean and tidy workplace keeps employees healthy and happy – which can have a direct affect on your business.

Regular industrial cleaning is crucial for decontaminating your workplace by removing dangerous chemicals , mold, pollutants and other pathogens that can cause your employees’ health to suffer. Removing hazardous waste and ensuring site remediation can help to improve production efficiency by keeping machines in good working order.

Whilst some business owners think that these tasks should be carried out by the employees themselves, it’s important to note that when an employer relies on staff to keep the workplace clean, this can result in a poor cleaning outcome as well as negatively affecting staff morale.

These are the reasons why employing a professional industrial cleaning service is important:

1. Meet Cleaning Standards

Industrial cleaners know the cleaning standards set by the government and local health department and strive to meet or even surpass them. Mrs Bucket has years of experience in industrial cleaning and expert knowledge when it comes to using the right cleaning products.

2. Convenient Schedules For Cleaning

For businesses that cannot close during working hours because of the nature of their functions, professional cleaners are able to allocate the best time chosen by you to clean your premises. Mrs Bucket cleaners work under a ‘seen but not heard’ service to ensure your business can maximise output without wasting time during the cleaning process.

3. Cleaning Audits

A professional cleaning company will ensure the job is completed to a high standard by providing a supervisor or manager to oversee it. Mrs Bucket also has specialist area managers with bespoke software to conduct thorough cleaning audits.

4. Insured And Checked

Professional cleaning companies insure their workers in the case of any health implications during the course of the clean. At Mrs Bucket, all cleaners are also DBS/CRB checked and required to sign confidentiality agreements when recruited. Each employee at Mrs Bucket is trained in our specialist Cleaning Academy.

5. Time Keeping

Professional cleaners know what they’re doing and this reduces the time it takes to clean a workplace compared to a cleaner that may be of less experience. However, this does not mean they sacrifice on quality; as expert cleaners also have state of the art equipment to ensure the work is done impeccably. Mrs Bucket cleaners are managed via a GPS tracking system which records the cleaners clock in time.

If you would like to hire a commercial cleaner, Mrs Bucket would be happy to help. Please contact us today and we will be in touch with a bespoke plan that means your commercial premises is always clean and tidy.