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7 Great Ways To Keep Your Office Smelling Fresh

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7 Great Ways To Keep Your Office Smelling Fresh

7 Great Ways To Keep Your Office Smelling Fresh

If your office has a pleasant environment then it is natural that your staff will be more productive. A big part of creating a positive environment in the workplace is to ensure that you have an office smelling fresh.

The commercial cleaning team at Mrs Bucket clean offices all over CardiffSwansea and Bristol and we know the importance of a fresh office. Alongside hiring a commercial cleaning team to regularly clean your office, we would recommend the following:

1. Tidy your workspace

First of all, make sure that all workspaces are tidy! An office can start to smell if it is untidy as leftover plates from lunch, piles of paper and rubbish can build an unpleasant odour. It is the formula for creating a bad office environment so make sure everyone is aware that their workspace should be tidy.

2. Remove rubbish

Every office has bins and it is easy to forget to empty them. However, it is important that they are regularly emptied because a build-up of rubbish can really impact the cleanliness of an office.  If you notice that people are using the office bins to throw away food, remind them that it is best to use the kitchen bin for food.

3. Open a window

An office contains a lot of people so it will naturally become stuffy. Remember to open the windows at least once a day as this is an easy way to freshen up the office. A breath of fresh air can work wonders and you will probably notice that people work better when the office has the windows open.

4. Use baking soda on the carpets

If you have done all of the above and you are finding that your office isn’t smelling any better, take a look at the upholstery. Are there stains on the carpets and chairs? If so, this could be causing a bad odour. At the end of the day sprinkle some baking soda on the stains and leave it overnight. Then first thing the next morning, quickly run a hoover over the stains.

5. Put a bowl of vinegar in the kitchen

Is your kitchen the main culprit for bad smells? If so, a quick and easy tip is to leave a bowl of vinegar in the kitchen because this will soak up any strong smells.

6. Drink mint tea

If your meeting room needs a quick fix, we would recommend taking a peppermint tea into the meeting. This will immediately leave a nice smelling aroma and is known for its calming qualities!

7. Add flowers

Flowers in an office are a good idea as they not only add a nice scent but create a pleasant environment for staff and visitors. If you want to invest in some plants that will last longer than flowers, indoor palm trees are recommended because they are good air purifiers.

If you would like to find out more about the Commercial Cleaning service at Mrs Bucket please contact us today!