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Navigating equality: Gender Pay Gap Report 2024 at Mrs Buckét

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Gender Pay Gap Report 2024 at Mrs Buckét

In our continuous journey towards creating an inclusive workplace environment, we share the insights from our Gender Pay Gap Report (GPGR) for the year 2024. At Mrs Buckét, we believe in transparency and accountability, and the GPGR serves as an important tool in evaluating our progress towards gender equality. Here, we look into the findings and reflect on what they mean for us as a company.

Embracing equality

Our data reveals a distinctive scenario where, on average, women’s hourly pay is slightly higher than that of men’s. This is reflected in a negative mean and median gender pay gap of -4.4% and -5.3%, respectively. Such figures are uncommon and highlight our unique position as a female-founded business that champions gender equality.

Addressing areas for improvement

With bonus pay, despite more women receiving bonuses, a gap persists in the amount awarded. This indicates an area for us to address, ensuring that our reward systems are as equitable as possible.

Our diverse workforce and flexible culture

The distribution across hourly pay quarters shows a higher representation of women, especially in the upper and lower pay brackets. This aligns with our current workforce composition, where females notably outnumber males, primarily in roles such as cleaning technicians and management roles —a testament to our appeal to female job seekers in specific sectors.

Our workforce is predominantly part-time, reflecting our flexible employment structure designed to accommodate diverse needs and lifestyles. This flexibility has been a cornerstone in attracting a gender-diverse talent pool.

Progress and future directions

Gender-balanced leadership: Both our Senior Management Team and Executive Leadership Team are gender balanced. This balance in leadership not only shapes our policies but also reflects our commitment to equality and diversity.

Increasing male representation: Acknowledging our traditionally female-dominated workforce, we have seen a positive trend in attracting and retaining more male employees. This shift has been supported by new client wins in the manufacturing sector which enriches our workplace diversity.

Full-Time employment opportunities: With our growth, we are dedicated to being able to offer more full-time positions, expanding our team’s professional and personal development opportunities. This growth strategy supports our vision of creating sustainable and fulfilling careers for all our employees.


The figures – GPGR 2024

Percentage of men and women in each hourly pay quarter

Upper hourly pay quarter30.4%69.6%
Upper middle hourly pay quarter29.2%70.8%
Lower middle hourly pay quarter50%50%
Lower hourly pay quarter30.4%69.6%

Mean and median gender pay gap using hourly pay

Mean gender pay gap using hourly pay4.4%
Median gender pay gap using hourly pay5.3%

Percentage of men and women who receive bonus pay

Men Women
Percentage of men and women who receive bonus pay3.9%10.6%

Mean and median gender pay gap using bonus pay

Mean gender pay gap using bonus pay21%
Median gender pay gap using bonus pay41%