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Mrs. Buckét presented with Chwarae Teg FairPlay Employer Award

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Mrs. Buckét presented with Chwarae Teg FairPlay Employer Award

Mrs Buckét has been awarded FairPlay Employer status by Wales’s leading gender equality charity, Chwarae Teg.

The FairPlay Employer Achieving Level award recognises our ongoing work to improve gender equality and create a workplace where all employees can thrive. Mrs Buckét has had recognition for business diversity, rewards and recognitions, working relationships and flexible working policy.

Mrs. Buckét Managing Director and Founder, Rachael Flanagen, said:

“We’re delighted to have been awarded the prestigious Chwarae Teg FairPlay Achieving award.

I’m passionate about changing the perception of the cleaning industry and being an employer of choice. As a result of working with Chwarae Teg we have made several changes to our working practices and seen an improvement in our team happiness and understanding of our working policies.

The plan is to continue building on our fantastic work by investing in team culture projects.”

The FairPlay Employer service benchmarks organisations against peer employers in terms of gender equality in the workplace. FairPlay Employers also receive ongoing support from Chwarae Teg to improve equality and diversity, tackle the gender pay gap and achieve the benefits of a truly balanced work force.

Chwarae Teg Senior Business Partner, Gemma Littlejohns, said:

“Our FairPlay Employer Award is only awarded to those businesses which can provide demonstrable evidence that they have a culture conducive to gender equality.”

Recognising our achievements, Gemma Littlejohns said:

“Having assessed their working practices and obtained feedback from employees, I’m delighted to be presenting Mrs Buckét Cleaning Services with this award. Congratulations to the team at Mrs Buckét on behalf of us all at Chwarae Teg.”