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Commercial Cleaning Excellence from Mrs Bucket | Case Studies

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Commercial Cleaning Excellence from Mrs Bucket | Case Studies

Commercial Cleaning Excellence from Mrs Bucket | Case Studies

Here at Mrs Bucket we are always delighted to give our customers the chance to voice their opinions and share what their experience with us has been like, whether it’s a one-off job or a continuous cleaning service.

Recently, we spoke with Debbie Davies, the Office Manager of Taylor Wimpey South Wales, and Alexandra Jenkins, HR & Training Manager of PCI Pharma Services, about their experience with our commercial cleaning services.

1. What did you use Mrs Bucket’s services for?

Debbie: I use Mrs Bucket’s services to clean our offices on a daily basis.

Alexandra: We use Mrs Bucket’s services for cleaning our offices – across two separate buildings -before staff arrive at work.

2. Why did you choose Mrs Bucket?

Debbie: I chose Mrs Buckets initially from a Google search; however, after meeting with Julie O’Reilly, their Business Development Manager, I knew Mrs Bucket were a hardworking, dedicated company with a passion for cleaning.

Alexandra: They were recommended to us, and were one of the most reputable cleaning services companies in the area.

3. When did you first hear about the company?

Alexandra: We were aware of Mrs Bucket and the awards they had received in commendation of their growth and success across Wales.

4. What was your experience with Mrs Bucket like?

Debbie: My first impression was “Wow, these people know what they are talking about when it comes to cleaning!” Since then they have proved their worth, taking the pressure off me – the people I deal with from Mrs Bucket are nothing but polite, helpful and very understanding of our needs as a business.

Alexandra: Miriam Thomas, their Sales Manager, arranged a couple of visits to the sites in order to monitor the premises and our requirements and was extremely thorough– highlighting areas for improvement as well as good methods already in practice. They wanted to put us at ease and clarified exactly what the cleaner would be doing for us and how we could relay any messages to if we needed to.

5. What difference did Mrs Bucket make to your business?

Debbie: Mrs Bucket, to date, have made a huge difference – I no longer have to worry about employees complaining about bins not being emptied or the kitchen left messy, each day I arrive into work to find the place clean, tidy and to top it off our designated cleaner, Louise, goes above and beyond each and every day. She is truly valued!

Alexandra: Cleaning standards have been really high, creating a good experience for our clients, who are often on site.

6. How would you sum up Mrs Bucket in one word?

Debbie: Awesome!

Alexandra: Reassuring.


If you would like to experience the excellence of our cleaning services for yourself, whether it is your office or your retail space that needs cleaning, you can get a commercial cleaning quote and our team will make your office shine!