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Mrs Buckét and Paramount Office Interiors join forces in fight against COVID-19

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Mrs Buckét and Paramount Office Interiors join forces in fight against COVID-19

We’re pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Cardiff-based commercial interiors company, Paramount Office Interiors, to launch our joint ‘Prevent and Protect’ service, a ground-breaking new service designed to help make local businesses COVID-19 secure.  

Specifically focusing on Wales and Bristol, this new service will see our award-winning team sanitise workplaces with the latest EN14476 approved disinfecting chemicals which last up to 30 days, along with our Spot Check audit to guarantee excellent results.  

Meanwhile, Paramount Office Interiors will offer a workplace restructuring service. Its expert consultants will re-fit offices to ensure they comply with the latest government design principles and safety guidelines to give employees and employers alike greater peace of mind.

Efforts will include workplace analysis and reconfiguration:

  • Safe seating arrangements abiding by the 2-metre guidelines
  • The implementation of protective screening and bespoke door openers sourced from local suppliers
  • Appropriate signposts for clear navigation throughout the office  

As lockdown rules continue to ease over the coming weeks and months, we have come together to help allay the fears of many local businesses who are concerned about re-opening their workplaces safely.  

For anyone unsure of whether this product is necessary, both Mrs Buckét and Paramount Office Interiors can offer a bespoke pre-check service. Workplace spot checks will be implemented to assess whether your current cleaning and office set-ups are protective or high-risk. This system includes bacteria testing and equipment checks.  

Rachael Flanagan, CEO of Mrs Buckét

“COVID-19 has brought many complications for companies, whether large or small, and it can seem almost impossible to know how to make your workplace as safe as possible. Whilst cleaning and hygiene is incredibly important, physical proximity guidelines must also be adhered to, or those preventative measures are pointless.  

Working alongside Paramount Office Interiors gives our clients another level of protection. Not only will the office spaces be COVID-19 secure, they will also meticulously follow government guidance on social distancing to further protect against the spread of the virus.” 

Richard Jones, Managing Director of Paramount Office Interiors

Many workers are looking forward to going back to work and escaping the isolation of lockdown. Our recent study revealed that 69% of respondents are most productive when in the office and almost half of them cited well-being, loneliness and collaboration as the real challenges of working from home during this unfamiliar time.  

Many are also incredibly concerned about how they can return to their workplace in a safe and sensible way. It’s crucial that employers put the health and wellbeing of their staff first and take appropriate measures to ensure they are protected in their environment.”