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Exciting Job Opportunity: Rebecca Rohman’s Story

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Exciting Job Opportunity: Rebecca Rohman’s Story

During her time at university, Rebecca Rohman wanted to have a job opportunity that would earn enough money to help her fund her studies and have a bit of fun. She joined Mrs Buckét as a part-time cleaning technician, working a few evenings a week to do just that. Before she knew it, she was earning more money than anyone else in her year – and her weekends were completely free for her to enjoy!

Today, Rebecca is one of our brilliant site supervisors, and has been with us for just over two years. She works closely with our client, Atradius, a global trade credit insurance company in Cardiff.

We caught up with Rebecca to ask about her experience of working with us so far.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I get to the office early to check what has been done the day before and make sure everything is up to standard. I’ll take care of any urgent requirements and will also spend a good chunk of time speaking face-to-face with Atradius’ office managers, as I believe it’s vital to maintain consistent and open communication for a smooth and productive partnership.

After my first round of tasks, I’ll usually sort out the stock and cleaning cupboards, to make sure everything is ready for the cleaners when they arrive. As they always say, fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

At 5:00pm I meet with the cleaning team, see how they are all doing, and make sure they are set up for success.

What’s your favourite thing about working for Mrs Buckét?

Unlike other employers I’ve worked for, I feel like Mrs Buckét really cares for and invests in its employees. Mrs Buckét truly feels like a family – for some of us, this is literal! My mum and aunt also work for Mrs Buckét and adore having the job opportunity, relishing in the support and understanding they receive from the senior team and beyond.

My managers are also always pushing me to be the best version of myself in the workplace. They want me to step outside of my comfort zone and excel in all that I do. They’ve given me the chance to utilise my different skills in my job, and the chance to grow. Indeed, while I am currently a site supervisor, I studied marketing at university, something Mrs Buckét’s senior team picked up on a while back. This led to our Head of Marketing and Communications to give me the opportunity to work alongside her for a few hours a week to gain valuable experience.

What are the benefits of working with Mrs Buckét?

The flexibility that the roles allow has really worked for me. When I was at Uni, the job opportunity allowed me to make money and save while studying and still have the weekends free to socialise with my friends. I don’t know many other students that can say that!

Whatever your circumstance, Mrs Buckét will always look to help you fit your work around your life – not the other way around. It’s crucial to the management team that you put yourself first and feel satisfied in your role.

How has Mrs Buckét supported your career?

I once expressed concern about my working hours to my manager, and within three hours, they offered me a new role with more hours, money, and benefits! I really appreciate that everyone is there to help and support you through your cleaning career, regardless of the level you’re at.

What are your career goals?

I’d love to use my on-the-ground cleaning knowledge and experience, combined with my marketing degree, to really make an impact in the cleaning industry. I’m hoping to build up my experience and skills to eventually take on a marketing- focused job opportunity.

Would you like to explore a job opportunity with Mrs Buckét? Take a look at our careers page here.