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Is your office clean enough?

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Is your office clean enough?

Is your office clean enough?

A clean office is essential for a healthy and happy workplace. At Mrs Bucket, our Commercial Cleaning team are trained to clean commercial spaces to an extremely high standard as we understand the importance of a tidy office.

With this in mind, we have devised an office cleaning checklist for offices to use for monitoring their cleanliness. We know that the working day is incredibly busy but it is important that you take time to ensure your office remains clean. If your office’s hygiene is neglected this can cause sickness in the workplace which will then impact the smooth running of your business.

Before using the following office cleaning checklist, step outside of the office and go back inside for a fresh perspective. This is a good exercise because you will be seeing what visitors see and it’s likely to highlight whether your office is clean enough.

1. The Front Door

It’s important to start with the front door as this will be the first thing that visitors and staff experience! Are there smears on the glass? Is the door handle dirty and does the door contain cobwebs? If you see any of these signs this shows that your front door deserves some TLC.

2. Reception Area

The reception area should be the next place that you check as this will be used by many people. Make sure that the seating area is tidy and clean with all soft furnishings in good condition. During your check if you notice any areas that are damaged make a note of this and get it resolved as soon as possible.

3. Communal Areas

Communal areas are notorious for being the most unhygienic in offices as they can very quickly become dirty. Therefore it is incredibly important that your office is cleaned regularly so that communal areas stay safe for staff. If you are concerned about the hygiene of your communal areas there will be tell-tell signs that prove its cleanliness. For example, have the bins been emptied? Are the taps dull? Are the floors clean? Have the dishes and cutlery been cleaned and put away? All of these elements should be part of your office cleaning checklist.

4. Workspaces

Staff sit at workspaces for long periods of time so it’s natural that they will become dirty. Instead of ignoring the dirt, we would recommend checking the computers for dust and the keyboards for grimes. If you see this dirt then the workspaces should definitely be cleaned more regularly.

If you have followed this office cleaning checklist and can see that your office isn’t clean enough, we would advise that you hire a professional commercial cleaner. At Mrs Bucket, our job is to make sure that everything is clean so that you don’t need to worry about whether your office is clean enough. We promise to give you the peace of mind that everything on your office cleaning checklist has been ticked!

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