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Is Your Factory Really Clean Enough?

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Is Your Factory Really Clean Enough?

Is Your Factory Really Clean Enough?

Maintaining a high standard of cleanliness is vital for factories. Not only does it affect the health and safety of the workplace but can affect the quality of the products you’re handling.

Unhygienic factories cause bacteria, such as Salmonella and E.Coli to breed.

“They can be present on raw food materials bought into factories and also introduced to the staff from environmental sources”

- says Adam Chappell, compliance manager at SAI Global.

Each year an average of 22 workers die in workplace accidents. There was also an average of more than 3,100 reports of major injuries and about 4,100 reports of injuries that kept workers away from work for seven days or more during the last years. 

In the UK, Health & Safety inspections are carried out on a regular basis to determine the hygiene levels, cleanliness and safety precautions carried out by the business. Failing to comply with the guidelines set out by the government in The Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA) 1974 and the  the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 not only puts employee lives at risk but can result in fines for the business, and also the risk of closing the business all together.

To prevent this from happening, factories need to meet all of the required health and safety standards, some of which can be met by implementing the correct cleaning methods.

Over time, dirt and grime builds up on floors and equipment which can seriously affect the safety of employees and also the productivity of the business.

A combined approach of deep cleaning and regular cleaning are both recommended to meet the inspection standards. Whilst this can be done in house by employees, hiring a commercial cleaning company with experience in factory cleaning will improve the overall cleaning results and ensure all of the correct safety measures are met.

If your factory is a large premises with lots of machines, cleaning each individual machine on a daily basis is un-realistic and counter productive. Cleaning the finer details should be done as part of a monthly or fortnightly deep clean, depending on the products your business handles and the mess associated with them.

Regular cleaning is recommended on a daily basis to take care of all of the main health, safety and cleanliness concerns. Keeping on top of floor cleanliness to prevent slips and trips, cleaning down work stations, removing waste, and meeting hygiene requirements for toilets and communal areas are a vital part of a daily cleaning routine.

A professional commercial cleaning company is also better for business as they can clean within a schedule that works best for the day to day running of the business. Cleaning done by employees is not a good use of employee time and also adds an increased health and safety risk. Commercial cleaners will also conduct regular cleaning audits to ensure cleaning standards are always maintained.

Not only will a clean and safe environment protect employees from harm, it can also improve the quality and levels of production the business achieves. No one wants to go to work in an environment they feel un-safe or un-hygienic in,  and implementing the sufficient cleaning methods can boost morale amongst employees creating a more positive work force.

How clean is your factory? Is your workplace spick and span or are you struggling to manage the basics?

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