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Hygiene Is Vital To Customers’ Return Visits

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Hygiene Is Vital To Customers’ Return Visits

Hygiene Is Vital To Customers’ Return Visits

An independent study conducted by Initial Washroom Hygiene has revealed that the retail and hospitality sectors are at high risk of losing revenue from return customers due to poor hygiene.

A break down of the results below shows the industries where customers consider hygiene to be an important factor when deciding whether or not to visit a business again:

• Restaurants: 88% admit hygienic washroom facilities are an important factor in returning

• Cafés: 48% admit to not returning to a restaurant or café because of poor hygiene standards

• Hotels: 24% admit to not returning to a hotel for the same reason

• Retail stores: Over 18% admit to not returning because of poor levels of hygiene facilities

The findings clearly demonstrate the importance that Hygiene Is Vital To Customers’ Return Visits and these industries in particular should be making an extra emphasis on meeting cleaning and hygiene requirements.

Critical hygiene practices need to be implemented and staff should be encouraged on the benefits of maintaining these practices in order to prevent customers from going elsewhere.

Things for businesses to consider:

• Ensuring staff are well kept, presentable and have clean hands.

• Ensuring all public service areas are tidy and cleaned to a high standard.

• Ensuring washrooms are clean, hygienic, well-stocked and maintained on an hourly basis.

The research highlights the direct impact on washroom cleanliness and profitability of the business.

• 88% of British people surveyed stated that a washroom cleanliness was an important factor when considering a return visit to a business.

• 82% said that the business must be clean in order for them to be willing to spend their money there.

• 79% said that staff hygiene was an important factor when considering going back to a business in future.

The findings highlight the importance of educating employees on personal hygiene, such as regularly washing their hands and wearing clean clothes to work. But most importantly, the findings emphasise hygiene is vital to customers’ return visits and the necessity for businesses to make cleanliness and hygiene a compulsory day to day part of their business, especially if they want customers to return and revenue to increase.

Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company  is a great way to maintain cleaning standards and ensure customers are kept happy and healthy as far as the business’ hygiene is concerned.

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