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5 Office Hacks To Declutter Your Workspace

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5 Office Hacks To Declutter Your Workspace

You spend a lot of time in your office, so it’s particularly important to maintain a clean and clutter-free workspace. De-cluttering your office can make it easier and quicker to clean and can also improve your organisation skills at work. If you’re a business owner, encouraging your employees to keep a clean and tidy workspace can lead to better productivity and also boost employee morale.

Here’s our top 5 tips to transform your workspace and get the most out of your time at work…

1. Have a 5 minute tidy up every evening before you leave work

The best way to stay on top of your office clutter is to have a quick tidy up before you leave work. Taking five minutes to de-clutter your desk at the end of your day can make all the difference in maintaining a clean and tidy workspace. Empty your trashcan, file away loose papers and empty your desk of used coffee cups to restore order in your office.  Beginning the next day with a clean clutter-free desk ensures you start your workday on a positive note and you’re ready to get going on that to-do list!

2. Give everything in your office a home

Giving your desk necessities a specific ‘home’ is one of the easiest ways to maintain an ordered office space. Just as you would in your own house, having clearly defined ways to store all of your excess clutter can keep it all under control. Keep a pen pot on your desk to hold all of your stationery and dividers in your desk drawers to organise a few key makeup or personal items. Housing a few files on your desk can also make organising stress-free by allowing you to quickly clear away the papers you’ve used that day. De-cluttering before you leave work will be fast and easy when you know exactly where everything goes!

3. Keep a few quick cleaning products in your office drawer

Although nothing can beat a commercial cleaning service for your office, you can keep your space germ free with our speedy cleaning hacks. A few essential cleaning products stored in your desk drawer can help you maintain a clean and organised office environment. Antibacterial spray, cleaning wipes and microfiber cleaning cloths are all great supplies to have close by. You can use these handy products for everything from cleaning up coffee spills to giving your desk a wipe over at the end of a long office day!

4. Create an efficient filing system

Office papers just seem to multiply at an alarming rate and can quickly take over your otherwise organised space. Eliminate the clutter before it has chance to begin by creating a personal filing system that suits your workplace. Labelled folders and baskets can keep your paperwork under control and allow you to know exactly where to store your excess papers at the end of your work day. You could even colour code your paper system for extra organisation points. Better yet, aim to be as digital as possible to reduce paper all together!

5. Decorate your office or desk to suit your style

Whether you work from a home office or you only have your personal work desk, giving your space a makeover is a great way to motivate yourself to keep it tidy. Treat yourself to a new office plant and buy files and stationery supplies that suit your style to make de-cluttering your desk a priority. You’ll soon have a workspace to make all of your colleagues jealous!

If organising your office has got you in the mood to do the same thing at home, checkout our top 10 things to declutter from your home.

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