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Are Commercial Cleaners Doing A Good Job?

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Are Commercial Cleaners Doing A Good Job?

Are Commercial Cleaners Doing A Good Job?

If you’re investing in cleaners for your business, naturally you’ll want to get the results you deserve for the price you pay and make sure your cleaners are doing everything they should be.

But how do you know if they are? Other than the obvious things like the floor being clean and room smelling fresh, how else can you tell if your commercial cleaners are doing a good job?

In order to establish whether your cleaners are worth keeping or changing, take into account the following:

  1. Time management – Are your cleaners turning up at the correct time? Are they completing the correct work within the agreed time period or clocking off early with jobs unfinished? Are your cleaners sticking to the agreed cleaning schedule?
  2. Well, Equipped – Are your cleaners well equipped when they turn up to clean your business? Do they have the best products and equipment to do the job? If they agreed on using the best products when they started cleaning for you, make sure they are still using those products.
  3. Know Your Cleaners – Do you recognise the cleaners that the cleaning company sends to your business or do they send unfamiliar faces each time? This can be uneasy for business owners as it can get confusing with who is who. High-quality cleaning companies will only use specialist-trained cleaners that are DBS/CRB checked.
  4. Cleaning standards – Are your cleaners maintaining the standards that they first delivered or have they got lazy?


Here are some tips to look out for when determining whether or not your Commercial Cleaners Doing A Good Job:

• Are the surfaces clean – take a paper towel and run it across many different surfaces, is there dust or grime accumulating?

• Are the door handles clean to the touch or grubby?

• How clean is the communal area? Check inside the microwave and fridge.

• Are all the bins empty? Any bins in the main workplace area as well as communal food bins and toilet bins.

• Are the toilets clean? Is there toilet paper in the dispensers? Is there soap in the soap dispenser? Are there paper towels?

• Check the cleaning storage cupboard – Is everything in order? Are all the correct products being used or are the cleaners just using a generic spray (or wipes!) across everything

If you’re not happy with the results of your commercial cleaners service, it’s time to change to a company that can really deliver results.

At Mrs Bucket, our award-winning cleaners are well-known for their professional, reliable and friendly service offering a quality cleaning service so that business owners can leave the cleaning to us and focus on growing their business.

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