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The Benefits Of Using A Commercial Cleaning Service In Your Surgery

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The Benefits Of Using A Commercial Cleaning Service In Your Surgery

The Benefits Of Using A Commercial Cleaning Service In Your Surgery

Whilst a clean and hygienic working environment is important in any workplace, it’s a fundamental requirement for your medical premises. Hiring a commercial cleaning company can ensure these essential standards are met for the benefit of both medical staff and patients.

Here’s our top 5 benefits of professional surgery cleaning…

1. Keep medical staff healthy and improve patient recovery rates

Medical and clerical staff working in surgeries are inevitably exposed to a wide range of germs and airborne bacteria every day. You can minimise staff illness and unnecessary sick days by having your surgery professionally cleaned to keep these harmful germs at bay. Patients will additionally benefit from a clean surgery environment as exposure to bacteria could worsen their condition or leave them vulnerable to additional illnesses. A hygienically cleaned medical premises can therefore have a dramatic impact on the spread of germs and illnesses. Using a commercial cleaning service also ensures your surgery is compliant with health and safety regulations.

2. Reduce the strain placed on doctors and nurses and the NHS

Nurses, doctors and other medical staff have a heavy enough workload without having to complete cleaning tasks in between seeing patients. Hiring a commercial cleaning service can reduce the stress placed on employees by ensuring the main cleaning duties are taken care of. This allows staff to fully concentrate on their patients and also increases the efficiency of the surgery. Patients may be more likely to be seen on time and medical staff can provide a more positive and patient focused experience.

3. Boost the morale of surgery employees

Professional cleaning can additionally boost the morale of medical staff as they won’t be responsible for cleaning tasks at the end of a long workday. Studies have also indicated that a clean workplace can have a positive impact on staff productivity. In the high pressure medical industry, employee morale is particularly important to ensure patient satisfaction and a high standard of provided medical treatment. A commercial cleaning service can help you ensure that the staff morale at your surgery remains high.

4. Maintain a pleasant and clean environment for patients visiting the surgery

First impressions are extremely important, particularly in a medical setting, where patients are entrusting professionals with their healthcare. Therefore, a clean and orderly reception and waiting area will encourage patients to feel confident in the medical service that’s being provided. High standards of cleanliness in all areas, from the toilets to the doctor’s office can be achieved by using a reputable commercial cleaning service. This will ensure the surgery remains a hygienic and pleasant environment for both staff and visiting patients.

5. Receive a specialised and professional cleaning service

By hiring a commercial cleaning service specialising in surgery cleaning, you can ensure the stringent hygiene requirements placed on medical premises are being met. Professional commercial cleaners will be knowledgeable about taking steps to avoid cross contamination, such as using colour coded cloths and mops. A commercial cleaning company will base their healthcare cleaning service around required guidelines, including the National Specifications for Cleanliness for NHS Medical and Dental Premises. A standard surgery cleaning service should clean all of the main areas of the surgery, including the reception area, toilets, waiting and treatment rooms. Cleaning will be completed by highly trained and professional staff and the service will be specific to the relevant medical premises.

If you would like to experience the benefits of commercial cleaning in your surgery or medical premises,  contact  the award winning Mrs Bucket  today for a no obligation quote.

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