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Higher Productivity: Research Shows Cleanliness At Work Equals Higher Productivity

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Higher Productivity: Research Shows Cleanliness At Work Equals Higher Productivity

Research Shows Cleanliness At Work Equals Higher Productivity

A new study conducted by the Association of Cleaning has been featured in the European Cleaning Journal indicating that the level of office cleanliness in businesses has a direct affect on employees’ productivity.

As well as high standards of cleaning impacting employee productivity, it has also been found to contribute to the general satisfaction of employees. Simply put, employees are more satisfied when their office is clean and are perform more productively at work.

The study found that when the office environment was clean, employees would be happier and do a better job, which is great for any business. It also found that Women are more picky about cleanliness than men.

The results show that, as a business owner, you are able to contribute to your client’s employee satisfaction by simply providing them with a clean environment to work in; proving that cleaning should not only be considered as a luxury expense, but as a service that can add value to a company’s core process.

If the results of the study aren’t enough to make you consider cleaners, maybe the effects to your bottom line will.

• Sick days cost U.K businesses a staggering £13.7 Billion a year, the equivalent of 460,000 office workers wages.

• Unplanned sick days cause businesses a decrease in productivity by 54% and a decrease in sales and customer service by 39%. 

Most shockingly is the reason for these sick days with £4.2 Billion worth of sick days being due to poor hygiene in businesses!

So, can your business really afford not to be clean?

Are you busy managing the day-to-day tasks of your business and unable to meet high cleaning standards?

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