Providing High-Quality Commercial Cleaning in Cardiff

Mrs Buckét delivers professional commercial cleaning services and facilities to a range of businesses in public and private sectors across Cardiff.

Looking for a commercial cleaning company in Cardiff to go the extra mile?

As Cardiff’s leading commercial cleaning company, Mrs Buckét provides premium commercial cleaning services. Data shows that a high-quality clean positively affects businesses. Investment in a premium commercial cleaning company will save you money lost on staff illness and productivity drops.

Why choose Mrs Buckét?

We have high standards

We pride ourselves on delivering commercial cleaning in Cardiff to a high standard. Our Cardiff team is trained at our cleaning academy and each member is DBS checked to ensure we maintain high standards across the company.

We’re THE industry experts

We’re perceived as thought leaders in cleaning, hygiene and decontamination. In addition to our commercial cleaning services and facilities, we offer consultancy as part of your contract. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, our team provides guidance and support to help maintain a high level of hygiene in your workplace.

We keep your staff and customers safe

Our forward-looking business has a 96% customer retention rate and we carry out monthly audits to maintain our high standard of cleaning to continually protect your employees.

We’re bespoke

We provide tailored commercial cleaning, decontamination and facilities schedules that are bespoke to you. We’ll discuss and recommend the services you need and would benefit from, and tailor a plan to suit your budget and requirements.

Mrs Buckét delivers a wide range of commercial cleaning in Cardiff. We clean a range of private and public sector organisations, including manufacturing, factory, office cleaning, and facilities. Here are some of the services we offer:

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Covid-19 Decontamination Service

Covid-19 has put cleaning at the forefront of businesses as workplaces reopen. Companies want to safeguard their employees and our industry-leading decontamination service is perfect for this. We pride ourselves in using the most innovative equipment and chemicals to protect surfaces against viruses, bacteria and pathogens. You will enjoy peace of mind, while protecting your employees and your bottom line.

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Providing Reliable Office Cleaning Services for TFP Schemes

Maintaining a clean, healthy environment for its employees was a challenge for TFP Schemes. The team understood that an untidy office can have a damaging effect on the morale and well-being of employees.

As a reputable commercial cleaning company that is known for delivering high-quality commercial cleaning services and facilities to businesses of all sizes, TFP Schemes chose Mrs Buckét to manage its daily office cleaning. Our professional office cleaning services helps to maintain high standards of hygiene and cleanliness so that TFP Schemes can be confident that they are providing a happy, healthy environment for their employees.

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“We can rely on Mrs Buckét to keep our office clean the way we want it. With one less thing to worry about, we can concentrate on our day job.”

TFP Schemes