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“I love being part of a forward-moving company that treats me like family”

At Mrs Buckét, we work tirelessly to create a happy working environment for our employees, giving them the tools and training they need for personal development so they can better themselves while looking after our clients.


Colin, one of our indispensable employees, is a great example of how hard work and a positive attitude can really pay off while working for us.

Colin has been working with us for just 7 months, but he has already achieved so much in that short amount of time. He has had the opportunity to learn new skills and has earned a well-deserved promotion to team leader. We had a chat with Colin to get an employee perspective on the benefits and opportunities that come with a cleaning career at Mrs Buckét.


Talk us through a typical day at Mrs Buckét…

“I have a number of duties working at Mrs Buckét, such as training new and existing colleagues to a high standard, managing site stock, planning rotas and carrying out various other tasks. Recently I’ve also been part of the decontamination team, which has been really exciting and challenging. I love knowing that we are providing a critical service to customers.”

What opportunities have you had to progress in your cleaning career?

“The company prides itself on staff development, and is really good at recognising skills and supporting us to grow and succeed. For example, I started work as a mobile supervisor and was provided with support and training to do my job, and I was quickly promoted to the role of team leader once they recognised my skills and experience.”

What are the benefits of working at Mrs Buckét?

“I love working for a company that has the vision and drive to become the best that it can be by delivering very high standards and professionalism to its clients time and time again. Because of this ambition, Mrs Buckét has become a household name within this very challenging industry.

“I also really appreciate that the company involves the team in decision making and trusts us to get on with the tasks at hand, providing training as needed. My line manager is brilliant at supporting me and listening to my ideas.”

What do you enjoy about working at Mrs Buckét?

“I love the fact that we are able to deliver a professional and valued service to our clients even during very difficult times like the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I also really like the culture here, because the company comes across to me as one big happy family. Although the work can be demanding and challenging at times, all members of this amazing team – everyone from recruitment, sales, accounts, training, management, mobile colleagues and more – are great at keeping morale up and supporting one another.”



Here at Mrs Buckét, we like to focus on the important things like personal development, so we can give our employees their very best chance to flourish, which in turn makes our customers happy. We take pride in the fact that we are constantly trying to give our employees opportunities to grow, learn new skills and progress in their cleaning careers.

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