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“I really appreciate the work-life balance at Mrs Buckét”

Creating happy work environments where employees have the opportunity to grow is a key focus here at Mrs Buckét, but we’re also advocates of providing a healthy work-life balance.

Over the years, we’ve worked hard to build a platform for people to grow and have a cleaning career they can be proud of that works around their lifestyle, and Melody, who is a member of our manufacturing cleaning team, is a prime example.

Melody has been working with us for 18 months, and during a short amount of time, has already had the opportunity to learn new skills and adopt a better work-life balance. We caught up with Melody, who gave us more of an insight into the benefits and opportunities that come with a cleaning career at Mrs Buckét.


Talk us through a typical day at Mrs Buckét…

“I am based at one of our clients’ factories, which means there is always plenty to do to ensure hygiene standards are kept high. A typical day for me would start with cleaning and vacuuming the production office at the site where I’m based. As I’m responsible for cleaning a factory, I have access to the scrubber driver to help me to carry out the work efficiently. I use the floor cleaner to get in between the shelves and to clean the factory floor. I also have the toilets, boardrooms, kitchens, canteens, and warehouses to clean, so it really is varied. It’s also a lot of work, as we’re dealing with big spaces.”

What opportunities have you had to progress in your cleaning career?

“Mrs Buckét has given me a chance to build my confidence, learn new skills, and meet new people. I’ve really enjoyed learning on the job and working for a company that trusts my decisions – I’m now able to tackle new situations and solve problems on my own. I’ve also learnt how to drive and maintain the floor cleaner, which has been a great new experience!”

What are the benefits of working at Mrs Buckét?

“Before I began my cleaning career at Mrs Buckét, I was a job seeker looking for a workplace that would factor in my family. Mrs Buckét recognised that I had a young family but still wanted to learn new skills. I really appreciate the work-life balance that Mrs Buckét offers. The flexible hours mean I can work around my family life – I’m extremely grateful for it.”

“I really enjoy working for Mrs. Bucket. I take pride in my work, and it is great to work as part of a team in such a busy environment.”

What do you enjoy about working at Mrs Buckét?

“I enjoy working at Mrs Buckét and having the chance to work with a big team in a busy environment. I love working with my colleague, Julie – her positive outlook always brightens my day!

“I also feel that my opinion matters, which is important to me. I feel respected and valued here.”

Want to work with us?

Personal development is a focus for us at Mrs Buckét. We pride ourselves on providing our teams with opportunities to grow, learn new skills, and progress in their cleaning careers.

One of the main benefits of having a cleaning career with us is the work-life balance we offer. Although we believe in working hard and stand by ‘you’re only as good as your last clean’, we also promote a healthy work lifestyle by ensuring our employees can work the hours that fit around their other responsibilities and commitments.

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