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We can rely on Mrs Bucket to keep our office clean the way we want it. With one less thing to worry about, we can concentrate on our day job!

TFP Schemes

Mrs Buckét provides reliable office cleaning services for the prestigious insurance broker in Cardiff

TFP Schemes is an insurance broker specialising in taxi and motor trade insurance. Established in 1998, TFP Schemes provides a specialist wholesale underwriting facility for motor risks. With offices in Cardiff, TFP Schemes needed a reliable commercial cleaning company to take care of its daily office cleaning and boost employee morale.

Managing office cleaning

Maintaining a clean, healthy environment for its employees was a challenge for TFP Schemes. The team understood that an untidy office can have a damaging effect on the morale and wellbeing of the employees. However, TFP Schemes had reservations about outsourcing the work to a cleaning contractor as they had trouble finding a trustworthy cleaning company with reliable cleaners who delivered consistent, high-quality services and showed up on time.

Creating a happy, healthy work environment for TFP Schemes’ employees

As a reputable commercial cleaning company that is known for delivering high-quality cleaning services and facilities to businesses of all sizes, TFP Schemes chose us to manage its daily office cleaning. With her enthusiasm, our Founder and Managing Director, Rachael, assured TFP Schemes that Mrs Buckét had the professionalism, knowledge, and expertise to help boost employee morale and improve their wellbeing while at work.

Our team of qualified and professional commercial cleaners carries out the daily office clean, five days a week. Our professional office cleaning service helps to maintain high standards of hygiene and cleanliness so that TFP Schemes can be confident that they are providing a happy, healthy environment for their employees.

Increasing TFP Schemes’ productivity

Our daily cleaning services have helped increase TFP Schemes’ productivity. By taking care of TFP Scheme’s daily cleaning, we are providing TFP Schemes with a clean, hygienic workspace that employees don’t have to manage allowing the team to focus their time solely on their work as well as meeting their targets and objectives.

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Raising standards in your workplace

If your office standards are compromising your staff wellbeing, get in touch to learn more about how Mrs Buckét can support your team, and raise your standards.

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