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From the outset it was clear that Mrs Buckét’s ethos aligned strongly with our own. They are very professional and have worked closely with us to establish clear objectives, goals and ideas.

Panasonic Manufacturing UK LTD

Rob Blowers, Managing Director

Panasonic Manufacturing UK LTD – Bringing Innovative Cleaning Processes to Manufacturing

Based in Cardiff since 1976, the Panasonic plant has produced a vast array of innovative products and continues to be at the forefront of manufacturing in Wales.

With over 500 people working on site, the last two years have presented lots of challenges for Panasonic and made the organisation think differently about the way that they run their operations. The pandemic has made the senior team re-evaluate what their employees want to see when they come to work and that has been central to their considerations around their cleaning processes.

Panasonic previously handled all their facilities management in-house, and this is the first time that the organisation has employed an external cleaning company.

Having already worked with a number of well-known manufacturing brands across Wales and the South-West, Mrs Buckét was awarded the new work after the company demonstrated the fundamental ways in which it could add value to Panasonic and help the organisation create an enhanced employee experience.

What did we do?

  • Fundamental to Mrs Buckét’s bespoke plans for Panasonic was to have a presence on site every day.
  • A manager is always available at the factory to deal with enquiries or issues as and when they arise.
  • Seven team members work on site five days a week.
  • Innovation and value are core to our offering and the team employs state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to help Panasonic achieve their goals.

The results

For Panasonic, the new approach was never just about cleanliness, it was about improving the working environment and creating the best possible employee experience. Having  Mrs Buckét staff on site every day means that staff can see for themselves that this really is a priority.

Watch what Panasonic Manufacturing UK LTD MD Rob Blowers had to say about their switch to Mrs Buckét in the video below.

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