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Mrs Buckét helps Flexicare breathe easy

Supplying over 400 hospitals a day across the globe, Flexicare is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of medical equipment for both NHS and private hospitals.

Specialising specifically in airway management tools such as anaesthesia breathing systems, ventilators, breathing filters and suction pipes, Flexicare helps save hundreds and thousands of lives daily.

Within Flexicare’s premises, the need for high-quality cleaning is paramount. Any space within Flexicare that does not achieve an excellent microbiological result when being audited for cleanliness could mean production shutdown, factory closure and the potential loss of thousands of jobs.

This need for attention to detail and high-level expertise was the reason why Flexicare welcomed Mrs Buckét onto the team in February 2019. Since then, Mrs Buckét has maintained a stringent level of excellence for the client which has been highly commended by all senior members of the Flexicare team.

We are delighted that we have appointed Mrs Buckét as our cleaning service provider and look forward to a long business partnership.


Eirwen Hughes, Flexicare HR and Facilities Manager

The Mrs Buckét way

  • We created a comprehensive plan with our team of cleaning experts to recommend and implement the use of decontamination products and regimes throughout Flexicare’s premises, ensuring the optimum microbiological result at all times.
  • When areas of concern were identified by the client, we were swift to review, report and recommend improvements to help solve issues quickly and efficiently.
  • We ensured our cleaning regimes were easy to follow yet in-depth for auditing purposes, identifying products used and any specific actions taken, giving the client peace of mind

The results

The measures we have put in place has meant that Flexicare has consistently been above and beyond the acceptable level for potential audits.  Production levels at the site have been able to continue at an excellent level without any delays.

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