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It’s so easy to recommend Mrs Buckét. The workforce is extremely passionate, they really fit in with our company ethos and they always offer a personal touch. The service we get is always world-class! As a beauty-based company, we must adhere to medical standards and Mrs Buckét help us tick all those boxes.


Kirsten Bassett, Cyden Global Brand Manager

Making it beautiful for Cyden

Cyden is a leading player in the beauty market, specifically in the design and manufacturing of the IPL (intense pulse light) hair removal devices that many of us have in our homes today.

As a globally recognised name in cosmetics, adhering to medical standards is crucial. This always includes maintaining a high-quality level of cleanliness within its warehouses and manufacturing plants.

Prior to working with Mrs Buckét, the company felt that these strict measures simply weren’t being fulfilled, which not only risked the brand’s reputation but also affected the happiness and wellbeing of its employees.

It was important to Cyden that not only did their cleaning providers consistently deliver outstanding results quickly and efficiently but that they also offered a personal touch, making the process more friendly and human.

These qualities were recognised in Mrs Buckét and we were appointed by Cyden in July 2018 Since then, Cyden has grown significantly, opening a brand-new factory and office block which Mrs Buckét has also been tasked to service.

What did we do?

  • We deployed a team of cleaners to Cyden who had experience with manufacturing plants to ensure quick and efficient deep-cleaning regimes were carried out to an excellent standard.
  • We engaged our area manager for Swansea, Marta Marciniak, to liaise with our client regularly to ensure that expectations were being met 100 per cent of the time.
  • We adapted and flexed to our client’s needs as it has grown, bringing more members of staff to the team where necessary to cover larger areas of the company’s new factory and office space.

The results

We have been able to meet the specific needs of Cyden throughout the 2-year working relationship we have had with them so far. Delivering an exceptional service has meant that productivity and wellbeing has increased across the whole business which, in turn, has been instrumental in the business’s growth and development.

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Raising standards in your workplace

If your manufacturing workplace standards are compromising your staff wellbeing, get in touch to learn more about how Mrs Buckét can support your team, and raise your standards.

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