TFP Schemes

“Before working with Mrs. Buckét we had a succession of cleaning companies who let us down and didn’t care about quality as much as we do. Without a reliable and regular cleaning schedule it quickly had an impact on the office and team morale.
We chose Mrs. Buckét cleaning services because I really appreciated how professional they are; from the initial meeting through to the ongoing service. As a quality insurance provider, we believe in offering the best in customer service and select like-minded companies as our partners.

The business support team in Mrs. Buckét is second-to-none. As a founder-led business, they continue to offer the personal touch that Rachael started the business with. Our area manager is always on hand and ensures all holiday
and sickness is covered with the Rapid Response team.

Our cleaner always does a thorough job. We’ve had the same cleaner for over five years now and it’s clear that she takes great pride in her work. Not only is the office clean, tidy, and well-managed but our cleaner pays great attention to detail. She’s an asset to our company as well as Mrs. Buckét.

I recently nominated our cleaner for Mrs. Buckét’s Star of the Month. Her work doesn’t go unnoticed and I like that she can be rewarded and appreciated for it.”

“We are extremely pleased with the service we are receiving from Mrs. Buckét Cleaning Services. I would not hesitate to recommend to other companies.”

Paul Humphries, TFP Schemes, Operations Manager