Active Quote

“Starting a new commercial cleaning contract may sound stressful but the process couldn’t have been easier with Mrs. Buckét – and totally worth it. I can’t believe the impact it’s had on our team. The cleaning team and improved cleaning schedule has elevated cleanliness standards beyond our expectations and had a huge influence on our team’s behaviour.

Active Quote has grown by 1,000% since we started in 2009. We now have 161 ActiveQuoters working at our modern offices in Cardiff Bay.

The team have really started to pay more attention to the cleanliness of their desks and the smaller details
around the office. The quality of cleaning is second-to-none and our offices look totally different.

Everywhere is thoroughly clean, even the back of chairs! Now we have confidence in the cleanliness of our environment we have increased external visits and can host bigger events internally such as career open days.

From the first appointment with Sarah to the ongoing management the communication has been fantastic, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mrs. Buckét.”

Reham Bassal Active Quote Marketing Coordinator