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Mrs Bucket Cleaning

We are a Multi Award winning cleaning business with over 250 staff. Founded in 2005 by our Director, Rachael Flanagan.  At the age of 18 she had the ambition to start a unique cleaning company where standards and service were her main passion for driving the company forward. As well as being consistently reliable, we go the extra mile to make our cleaning company stand out from the crowd through many unique and responsive initiatives that have made us a leader in our field.

We provide professional Commercial cleaning services to a range of industry sectors across South Wales servicing over 150 commercial premises on a daily basis .Our business is based on an accurate understanding of our client’s needs and appropriate practices are implemented accordingly. Our dedicated management team are passionate about delivering the best to our clients, which speaks volumes when our retention rate is 98%

As a business we have gained a credible reputation over the last 10 years for our top quality work, reliable staff and excellent customer care. Our vision is simple- To be the first choice cleaning business!

Rachael Flanagan

Mrs. Bucket was founded in 2005 by Rachael Flanagan at age of 18, she spotted a gap in the market for a cleaning company that offered consistently good service.
Rachael’s passion for cleaning has helped lead the company through exponential growth. At Mrs. Bucket, customer service doesn’t stop with a polite phone call.

Mrs Bucket Founder Rachael Flanagan