Spring Cleaning


Bring back the sparkle with a Spring Clean!

Spring cleaning is not only reserved for springtime, thank goodness! Imagine, only cleaning for 3 months of the year – that would be our worst nightmare! A good spring clean is all about re-setting your home back to perfect, no matter the time of year.

Mrs.Bucket is here to help you achieve this with as little fuss as possible. We love cleaning as much as we love happy customers, so if you feel your abode could do with a deep cleansing scrub then fill in our Quick Quote form and get a quote sent to you in minutes!

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Why Us?

Professional Spring Cleaning Service

Every home in the land needs at least one major clean each year, it not more. Spring is often thought to be the best time as we see the back of the colder winter months and prepare for more daylight. Months’ worth of muddy shoes, rain soaked clothes and other bits of dirt dragged through your home must be cleaned before it gets too messy. So why not throw open the windows and doors, invite us in and let us get to work on your spring cleaning!?

Too Much To Do, So Little Time

This is an all too familiar phrase for many of us who lead busy and unforgiving lifestyles. Busy working schedules and family life can often leave you with very limited spare time on your hands. The time that you do have left, why would you want to use this for cleaning? Sit back and let the professionals step in, cleaning your house from top to bottom without missing a single nook or cranny.

Bespoke Spring Cleaning Service

Mrs.Bucket’s spring clean will cover all areas of the home, from the ceilings to the floor and everything in-between. We’ll even clean the oven and attempt to restore all of your kitchen appliances to brand new condition. Our spring cleaning service is tailored to suit your exact requirements, so we will meet with you beforehand to assess those along with any special requests you may have.

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