These Are The Things You Need To Clean On A Daily, Weekly And Monthly Basis

how often to clean these pats of your home

We all love a clean and tidy home. Not only does it help to calm our minds after a busy day but it’s also healthy for us to live in a clean and hygienic environment.

But how often should you be cleaning your home? Do you really need to give your whole house a deep clean on regular basis or are there days you can just run the hoover through? In this post, we’ll look at the things you should be cleaning frequently, and the things you can leave for longer.

Things to clean daily

Cleaning these things daily will mean you won’t find them on your to-do list as major jobs at the end of the month. Spending a few minutes a day to keep on top of them will prevent them from building up and making the whole house look a mess. Treat these daily tasks as daily habits and they won’t feel like chores.

• Make the bed

• Clean as you cook

• Wipe down the bathroom sink and shower after every use

• Wipe up spills when they happen

• Put things away as you use them

Things to clean weekly

Weekly cleaning should be treated as non-negotiable and should be scheduled into your diary the same way as you would make plans with friends or family. These are the things that MUST be done on a weekly basis in order to keep your home presentable, comfortable and most importantly – hygienic.

• Wash and change all bedding

• Hoover the whole house

• Clean floors with antibacterial wipes (most mops just push dirt around)

• Deep clean the kitchen – counter tops, cupboard handles, microwave, sink, floor

• Vacuum down textiles such as curtains and sofa

• Open the windows to air the house (weather permitted of course)

• Deep clean bathroom – toilet, sink, shower, bath, floor

• Dust throughout the house

• Wipe down all light switches and door handles with antibacterial wipes

• Wipe down windows and window sills

Things to clean monthly

These tasks are probably the most mammoth ones but thankfully only need to be done on a monthly basis. Whilst they’re not as important as the areas you need to clean on a daily or weekly basis, they can quickly become a nightmare if left for months on end.

• Clean windows inside and out

• Clean dishwasher and empty filter

• Drain and clean Washing machine / Dryer drum and empty filter

• Deep clean the fridge

• Deep clean the oven / grill  (Win a FREE oven cleaning voucher worth £40 when you hire us for regular cleaning!)


If you lead a busy life and keeping on top of the cleaning is too much for you, why not let the experts take care of it for you. 

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