Cleaning Your House Regularly With Bleach May Be Killing You

Cleaning Your House Regularly May Be Killing You

We all love a clean home, but the effort we have to go to in order to achieve one can be hard work. If you put in the hours to clean your home yourself, we’ve got some bad and good news for you…

The bad news

Scientists have found that people who clean their homes regularly using bleach are at a greater risk of developing fatal lung disease. This comes after a new study was conducted to measure the effect of frequent exposure to cleaning chemicals and their effect on humans.

The research found that certain chemicals in cleaning products could raise your chances of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) by as much as 32%! COPD currently causes around 25,000 deaths in the U.K each year.

The research tracked the development of COPD in 55,000 nurses as they use disinfectants on a regular basis. The results found that using these disinfectants regularly increased their chances of developing severe breathing difficulties associated with COPD.

The research concluded that a greater awareness is needed for cleaning guidelines in the workplace and at home. People are unaware of the toxic effects of using cleaning products on a regular basis and more investigations are needed to determine the impact of  cleaning chemicals.

So, what about the good news?

If you clean your home on a regular basis and you’re worried about the effects of these chemicals, you could reduce the risk significantly by simply not doing any cleaning at all.

Hiring a regular domestic cleaner to take care of your home means that they deal with the toxic products – not you. Not only will you be staying out of harms way, you’ll also be winning back free time to spend doing things you enjoy.

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