76% Of UK Children Have No Cleaning Responsibilities At Home

76% Of UK Children Have No Cleaning Responsibilities At Home

With half-term here, many parents will be dreading the extra housework that comes with having the kids at home for the week. In fact, a new survey delivered by Mintel shows that 76% of parents with children aged 6-17 admit that their kids have no cleaning responsibilities around the house.

Polishing, vacuuming, and dusting are said to be the easiest tasks that children of most ages are capable of doing with 12% of kids aged 6-17 being responsible for polishing and dusting and a further 11% for vacuuming.

When it comes to the toilet, only 5% of children are expected to help out, however, given the high risk of toxic bleach related lung diseases we think this is an area kids should definitely stay away from.

Cleaning the cooker is also an unpopular cleaning task for kids with only 2% taking part in cleaning the oven or hob.

Mintel suggests that safety could be the main reason parents prefer children not to take part in certain cleaning tasks with 53% of parents agreeing that chemicals can be more damaging to health than germs. Whatever the reason, parents are subsequently rallying around trying to keep their homes clean and tidy with only minimal participation from their children.

Just over 53% of people without children spend more than 2 hours a week cleaning compared to 69% of parents who clean for the same duration. 29% of parents clean for more than 5 hours a week!

Hera Crossan, Personal Care Analyst at Mintel, said: “The fact that so few parents are allowing their children to help out with the cleaning is potentially storing up problems for when these children fly the family nest”.

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