4 Ways A Regular Cleaner Can Change Your Life

4 Ways A Regular Cleaner Can Really Change Your Life

Research conducted in 2016 found that 1 in 3 UK families has a regular household cleaner. Of these families, under 35 year olds accounted for the biggest proportion of people appointing a cleaner to keep their home in good working order. So, why are so many people choosing to give up on their own cleaning, in favour of paying someone else to do it?

1. More free time

Everyone wants more spare time and why would anyone want to spend their precious time cleaning?! Hiring a cleaner means you can spend more time with your loved ones, children, friends, husband, career – or even simply relaxing by yourself. Life is simply too short to spend it cleaning, so win back some free time and get someone else to do it for you.

2. It can save a marriage

Many people have claimed that a cleaner has played a beneficial role in saving their marriage. The benefits to a couple’s relationship can stem from a happier household due to there being less chores to do and less stress. A cleaner can reduce the strain on a relationship and prevent couples from getting fed up with their partner around the house which can often cause arguments. Hiring a cleaner to do your regular weekly cleaning can mean you and your partner come home to a clean and happy household.

3. It can make you happier

A study found that people who pay other people to do their chores are much happier in their lives. The experiment tested how happy participants felt when they spent £30 on cleaning, cooking, and other chores compared to how they felt when they spent £30 on material goods like books and clothes. The results found that the participants were all significantly happier and satisfied with life when they paid someone to do their chores, more than when they were buying material goods.

4. Your home is immaculate

Even if you consider yourself a top notch cleaner, there’s no denying that coming home to a clean home that someone else has worked hard on is so much more satisfying. Professional cleaners are experts and know exactly what products to use to get the best results. They get into all the nooks and crannies that you might not even think about and also pay attention to the things you may overlook because you simply don’t notice anymore.

When considering whether a cleaner is needed in your home, simply ask yourself, ‘how much time do I want to spend cleaning, and how much time do I want to spend living?’

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