5 Areas In Your Bathroom That You May Not Be Cleaning Enough

5 Areas In Your Bathroom That You’re Probably Not Cleaning Enough

Even though the bathroom is the main room in your home responsible for keeping you and your family clean, ironically, it’s one of the dirtiest rooms in most homes.A recent study found that 7 in 10 British people were not cleaning their homes as much as they should be due to not finding enough time.

Most people will clean the main areas of the bathroom, such as the toilet, sink and shower, but you could be missing some major germ-infested parts.

Here’s 5 areas to pay extra attention to next time you clean your bathroom…

  1. The Shower Curtain

Did you know Martha Stewart suggests cleaning your shower curtain liner once a week? Let’s be honest, chances are you’re not along with many other people. Many people wash their shower curtain every few months, but even worse than that, most people don’t wash their shower curtain – ever! Anywhere that there’s water and heat becomes a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. So next time you wash your bath mats (which should be at least every fortnight) make sure you put your shower curtain in the washing machine with it too.

  1. The Loofah

Loofas and shower scrubbers primary job is to clean your body and exfoliate dead skin. So it’s only normal for them to become ridden with dirt and bacteria over time. Unfortunately, it’s not a good idea to clean these with chemical cleaners as they could irritate your skin. So we suggest replacing your scrubbers, sponges and loofahs every month, running them under the hot water thoroughly after using them until all the soap is out and then storing them in a dry cupboard.

  1. The Doorknob

When cleaning your home, doorknobs are without a doubt the most neglected area. Whilst you touch them every day whenever you enter a room, they are easily forgotten when it comes to cleaning. Naturally, doorknobs become germ infested easily and can be the main reason for germs and sickness spreading from person to person. The doorknobs in the bathroom are by far the worse in the home due to the level of germs that tend to linger in the bathroom. Keep antibacterial wipes in your bathroom cupboard and remember to clean these on a weekly basis, if not more.

  1. The Light Switch

Light switches throughout the home are also very neglected. Like the doorknobs, light switches are touched before entering a room and when you leave, yet they’re rarely cleaned. Many people use light switches without even looking at them so most people never even notice how dirty they get. If you stop and have a look at the light switches in your home, you may be un-pleasantly surprised. Like the doorknobs, try to make wiping down the light switch part of your weekly cleaning routine.

  1. The Radiator / Towel Rail

If you tend to use your towel more than once and leave it on the towel rail to dry, there could be germs thriving all over it. If you leave wet clothing in the washing machine after a cycle for longer that 15 minutes, bacteria starts to thrive. This is the same with wet towels placed on a towel rail. With the mix of hot air and damp in the bathroom, towels and towel rails become a nice cosy place for germs to grow. Wipe down the radiator weekly and try to avoid putting wet towels on the rail. If you really want to hang your towels on the radiator, make sure it’s on so that they can dry faster and reduce the risk of bacteria thriving.

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